RV Radio Network

Western Rally

July 11 - 14, 2024

In conjunction with Hamcon:Zion, a hamfest in St George UT

July 12 - 13, 2024

For the latest information about events and activities at the hamfest click the Hamcon:Zion logo above to be taken to the hamfest website.  

Order your hamfest tickets and banquet tickets.  RVRN Members can use the coupon code of “RVRN@HCZ “ to obtain a $5 ticket discount.  Please enter “RV Radio Network (RVRN)”  in the Organization field when in process of buying a ticket.

For campground reservations, see information below.

For rally registration and payment, see information below.

Follow these steps to attend the Rally/Hamfest:

  • Make your campground reservations/payment to the RV park below.

  • Complete the Rally registration form linked below.

  • Make the Rally payment thru PayPal in conjunction with the form linked below

  • Purchase your Hamcon:Zion hamfest tickets from the Hamcon:Zion website using the discount code.

  • Purchase your Hamcon:Zion banquet tickets (Optional) on the Hamcon:Zion website

TempleView RV Resort will be the camping location for the rally/hamfest

RVRN members should make their camping reservation directly with the campground by calling 1-800-776-6410.  Tell them you are with the RV Radio Network group.

Click the Button/Link below for detailed information on the RV park and reservations for the RVRN Western Rally

Western Rally Agenda

This is a tentative schedule of events and does not include activities at the Hamcon:Zion Hamfest on Friday & Saturday

RVRN Western Rally Registration & Payment Form

You can now register for the rally and pay the rally fee online.  Click the button/link below to go to the registration/payment page

Even though rally and hamfest events will be indoors, the St. George area in mid-July will likely be experiencing quite sunny and extremely hot days.  Those attending are highly recommended to bring adequate drinking water, use sunscreen, and wear a wide-brimmed hat and protective clothing (if needed) when outdoors for an extended time.

Things To See & Do While in St George

Click the Button/Link below for information on what to See/Do For The Whole Family while attending the RVRN Western Rally and HamconZion